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Artikkel av John Jonassen og André Stener Kalstad:
«Internrettslige betraktninger om reindriften»

Etikk og dyrevern


by Prof. Jack R. Luick, University of Alaska

1. Shepherd thy herd closely when calving for thy calves are more precious than rubies.

2. Kill not thy healthy reindeer except they be in abundance or be castrated and castrate not thy young reindeer for they will grow slowly and not fatten as quickly as thy bulls.

3. Husband thy pastures carefully that they not be overgrazed or destroyed by fires or trampling and never allow surplus reindeer to graze on winter lichen rages.

4. Love thy reindeer as thy sons and daughters, protecting them from wolves and bears, and assuring them abundant food and water all the days of their lives.

5. Thou shalt not cause thy reindeer great stress or make them to run swiftly for they will lose weight or overheat an die as surely as though smitten by thy sword.

6. Healthy reindeer grow fat and have many calves, whereas sickly and diseased reindeer bring only shame and an empty purse.

7. Seek solace for thy reindeer in cool breezes when hordes of mosquitos and warble files haunt the summer ranges.

8. Suffer not thy old, thy sickly nor thy castrated reindeer to endure another snowfall for these reindeer are unproductive and will not fatten further.

9. Attend to thy tablets carefully for the keeping of tally sheets and daily journals is the hallmark of a successful reindeer herder.

10. Honor thy pasturelands, its waters and all its creatures, large and small, for they are a family that has endured for centuries.


Epiphany of Prof. Jack R. Luic, courtesy of Dr. Robert Dieterich, DVM and dr. Robert White.